Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The buzz, from start to finish

Recently, you may have [definitely] heard, Charlie Sheen was caught using copious amounts of drugs, was fired from his job, and has unleashed an ill-advised world-wide publicity tour. Last week, he added a world record for the fastest time to reach 1 million twitter followers to his resume. This is the kind of excitement a marketer can only dream of generating, although preferably with methods that don’t make the world question our sanity and produce positive feedback for our clients. But with Charlie Sheen out there in the virtual world #winning social media and the internet, it begs the question: what is it exactly that moves people?

It all goes back to social media and interactivity to create a dialogue with your customers. This is particularly true of the coveted Gen Y-ers. Non-traditional media is the medium you turn to in order to create a consumer evangelical movement for your client. Recently, Twitter unleashed more data illustrating why if you aren’t tweeting, you should be. Among these:

-Twitter users send 1 billion tweets per week
-460,000 new accounts are created each day
-456 tweets per second the day Michael Jackson died and 6,939 tweets per second announcing the Japanese New Years – big events implications

The modern customer wants to interact with businesses. They want to easily provide feedback and if they like what they see, they want the world to know about it. Buzz, viral, word-of-mouth, whatever you call it, it is all about engaging the consumer in a meaningful dialogue, starting with the loyal core and strategically working through social clusters.

As you work through your social marketing campaign strategy, to generate a buzz for a campaign, you should define, not only your target market, but specifically work your campaign through fans --> customers --> prospects --> strangers.

So, now we can all go out, define our core market of loyal consumers and create a wildfire of consumers buzzing about our client’s brand? Unfortunately, the Charlie Sheen story is interesting, but atypical. While most of us aren’t starting out with a celebrity-status and many marketing messages may not exactly be earth-shattering, you will make significant progress by formulating a good strategy and following through with social media tactics that reach your audience and relevant messages that will get them buzzing.

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